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This privacy policy describes the way “” (hereinafter referred as “this blog”) collect and use information of its visitor; by visiting this blog, you consent such information collection and usage of this privacy policy as set forth hereunder;

Information collection

The information obtained via visitor’s submission;

  • Comments, Questions for this blog
  • Handle name (as submitted by a visitor)
  • e-mail address (when a visitor submitted)
  • Blog URL of visitor (when a visitor submitted)

The information obtained via cookies and page tagging techniques;

  • your IP address
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  • information on how you brows this blog
  • and other cookie information

This blog uses Google Analytics, Google Search Console, for access analysis.

You can refuse such information submission to this tool by disabling cookies at your browser.

Cookie Use of Google Adsense and Third Party Vendors

This blog provide links to the website for Third party vendors, including Google via Google Adsense; cookies will be used to serve ads based on a user’s previous visits to your website or other websites.

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This blog can not personally identify individuals by using obtained visitor’s data

Usage of the information;

  • Replying to visitors’ queries and comments
  • Improving this blog and its service

Would you please be aware that this blog publicizes analytical summery and statistics as in accumulated form of obtained data. (Again, this blog cannot obtain the information identify a visitor individually)

Exceptional Disclosure of the Information;

Disclosure of the Information is conducted upon the agreement of the visitor unless the Information is required by legal authorities under Acts or Law of Japan. In such circumstance, compliance will be always superseded in this blog.


Transmitting information over the internet is generally not completely secure, and we cannot guarantee the security of the data we obtained. Thus, please let us remind you that any data you transmit is of your own risk.

This blog links to and from external websites in order to indicate the information source of an article or in order to enable visitor to access better information.

This privacy policy only applies to this blog, and does not cover above described external websites.

The information and external links are information sharing purpose; however we cannot guarantee the accuracy and certainty of the information. We shall not bare any responsibility and/or liability of the loss caused by the Information.

This blog is Japan based service, and this privacy policy is also based on Personal Information Protection Act of Japan.

Initially posted: 25th January, 2018
Last updated: 12th April, 2020