Hey, we have a new word press editor, Gutenberg on version 5.0.1. I did not expect much from this, but I found this not so bad.

I like this new “Fullscreen Mode” which I feel as if I am writing an article directly on a web page. However, the font size of this editor is too big for me, and only can see one or two paragraphs on the screen.  

I also like this block system which enables us to drag-and-drop to re-positioning images and paragraphs. 

Still, there were 8 points I struggled in the new editor;

How to add Subheadings

When we add a new subheading, we can pick “T” at the bottom to add subheadings. Alternately, we can “Change block type” through the menu bar. It is easy, but I could not find this at first.

How to set a permalink

After clicking the top right corner, settings, we can find “Document” tab to set a permalink, which I could not find it instantly.

It used to be called slug in Japanese, and it is now changed to parmalink.

Where is: Featured Image, Excerpt, Categories, Tags?

It is the same place as “Permalink”. It was simple, but I enjoy the full-screen mode too much and could not find these very quickly.

How to delete a block

Hehe, this is in fact the point I struggled the most. 

Pick the block which you wish to delete, and chose the last option on the more options at the header menu.

How not to use blocks

If we want to avoid making paragraphs but wish to write as a codes, we can click “Show more tools and options” on the right edge of menu bar, and check on “Code editor”. Then you will be able to use classic mode will be embedded to write different type of block with various HTML codes.

Slow preview…

I am still struggling this, but preview process is too slow. This possibly caused by the hosting service I use, but it was far faster.

Modifying former articles

Formerly written article can be modified in a classic mode, but all paragraphs are in one chunk of “classic” block. 

After being accustomed to use the blocks, I have already started to feel it is not convenient that we can not add a block to add a paragraph. 

I possibly am a big fun of the new editor…

Classic mode plug-in

It is said that we can keep using the former editor by installing the classic mode plug-in for another couple of years.

At the same time, I can see this editor should help new wordpress users to write articles without knowing much about the HTML coding, and they will not think about install classic mode.

If I had not installed Gutenberg, I would have waited for a while to see the other users’ feedback. But it is too late for me. Then, I shall pretend that I am a new wordpress user and learn how to write an article with it to see whether I would really need the classic-mode plug-in.

In a nutshell

I can live with it.

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